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Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing to do is look at the business your vending machine is going to go into.  Look at the number of employees and where the machine will be located at in that business.  This will be the easiest and fastest way to pick the right type of equipment without overspending on full size equipment, or underspending by using machines that are too small or inadequate.

If the business has 10-75 employees, it is considered a small business in the eyes of a vending operator.  The best type of equipment for a small business is a combo vending machine.  A combo vending machine will sell multiple types of items in one piece of equipment that shares a common dollar acceptor, coin changer, information reader, and computer board (snack/cold drink combo, snack/cold drink/hot drink combo, etc.)  Any other type of business with more then 75 employees should have access to full size equipment (all snacks machine, all drinks machine, all frozen foods machine, all coffee machine, etc)

If a business is looking for a vending machine to be put in an employee’s cafeteria, consider the space as well as the number of employees.  Then you can decide between a combo or a few full size vending machines.  On the other hand, if space is an issue for that particular business, (small break room or narrow hallway), a space saving combo vending machine will be the perfect way to go.

Bliss Vending Shop offers all different types of vending machines no matter what the situation is like in your business.  Just give one of our representatives a call and we will help you choose the perfect type of equipment.

The first thing you should do is look at your budget.  How much do you have to invest in starting your own vending machine business?  Once you have that number calculated, you can start looking at the easiest type of equipment to operate as a new vendor.  Here at Bliss Vending Shop, we can easily sell the right type of equipment to anyone who is thinking about starting a new vending machine business.  We offer the best type of quality equipment at the lowest prices because we work on volume of sales.  We also manufacture some equipment to keep the costs even lower.

If you are new into the business, the best way to get into the business is working with combo vending machines. They are more economical to invest in because you don’t have to place multiple pieces of equipment into the same business location.  You can work on more volume of locations with a minimum investment.

Another way to get the most for your investment is to look at some used equipment.  And because used equipment can break down at anytime, you have to be very careful with what type of equipment you are purchasing and where you’re buying it from.  Here at Bliss Vending Shop, we only warehouse used equipment that we deem a good investment and we hold the highest standards by never selling “ancient” machines with newer parts placed in them.  Our used vending machines will be “gently” used vending machines with ALL working parts.

Give one of our representatives a call here at Bliss Vending Shop, and we will help you choose the perfect combo vending machine and stay within your budget.

No, it isn’t hard to operate a vending machine.  All vending machines work similarly, even if they are made by different manufactures.  They will all have a main computer board (for programming and price setting, etc), money acceptor (dollar bill validator and/or coin changer), motors (all modern vending machines are electronic), refrigeration unit (for drink/cooling machines), and keypad (all modern vending machines use a keypad for product selection and programming).

Once you become familiar with the different parts on your vending machine, it will be very easy for you to operate any vending machine.  Changing parts will be easy.  Price programming, loading products into your vending machine, and taking out money are the only things you have to do to keep your vending machine running smoothly.  You should also keep the manual to you equipment so that way you can reference back to anything you need to do.  

There’s not much you have to do once you place an order with Bliss Vending Shop!  Trust that you are getting a piece of quality equipment for the lowest price possible.  Also, we offer lifetime phone customer service support for as long as you own your vending machine purchased from Bliss Vending Shop.

All vending machines will be shipped with a reputable freight moving truck company.  They will be carefully packaged and strapped to a sturdy pallet for easing loading and unloading.  You will have a tracking number and an estimated date of delivery provided by the trucking company once your vending machine has been shipped.

You will always want to be present when your vending machine is being delivered to your business.  You have the right to inspect your product and make sure that there are no damages made during transit by the trucking company.  Once you have inspected your vending machine, then you can sign the BOL document and agree that you received your product in it’s original condition.  Remember, Bliss Vending Shop will never ship a damaged vending machine!

Once you have your vending machine placed in the spot of your choice, you are ready to plug it in to get started.  There is no programming needed.  If your vending machine has a refrigeration unit, it should start working automatically (just like a refrigerator).  All you have to do is load the products in the individual selections, program your desired prices (see manual or call Bliss Vending Shop), and start selling products!

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